Building Update for Piedmont Atlanta Tower: Week of Feb. 20 – 26

Weekend Construction: Over the next five weekends, some construction will be done to install a storm drain line on our property along Collier Road. The work is being performed on weekends because we’ll be closing driveways and roads leading into the hospital campus. We have obtained a variance to the noise ordinance, allowing construction work from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.

Hauling dirt from Hospital North: Dirt mounds will be removed and hauled by large trucks. Separate entry and exit points have been created for the trucks to ensure minimal traffic and disruption to the patient and Ambulance Entrance on Peachtree Road. This work is expected to last three weeks.

Metal sheets on Collier Road: Due to the level of noise from the metal plates we laid over the streets to cover our utility exploration sites, our crews worked over the weekend to expedite the process and repave the road. We appreciate all who shared their concerns.

Sheffield Building Demolition: Demolition of the Sheffield Building is being completed by crane as opposed to using explosives. This is being done to ensure minimal impact on the community. Asbestos has been abated, and as the building is being brought down, construction crews are watering the area to keep dust to a minimum.