Building Update for Piedmont Atlanta Tower: Week of June 16-23

Recycling Demolished Materials: As we demolish certain structures around the hospital, crews are exploring options to haul materials to recycling plants. From the Sheffield Building demolition, more than 4,517 tons (9,034,000lbs) of material hauled off site. Of that, 80% was diverted from landfills and recycled, which could fill nearly 300 school buses.

1-Center Demolition: 1-Center demolition continues this week and is expected to last through the end of next week.
Please note that we are not using explosives or blasting to demolish 1-Center; crews used a claw similar to the one used in the Sheffield Building demolition to demolish the building piece-by-piece. We are now in a scaled-down stage of demolition, with less noise and vibration expected.

Lane Closures on Peachtree Road: Due to city-related bridge construction on Peachtree Road, this project, originally slated to start the week of June 5, was postponed and will now occur over the weekend: June 17 -18.

Trucks Exiting onto Collier: Throughout this summer, we will periodically route construction vehicles through Collier Road to accommodate GDOT construction projects on Peachtree Road. Construction vehicles will use Collier Road, an approved haul route, and will not use any of the neighborhood roads.​

Rock Blasting: Rock blasting continues this week in the fenced-off construction area. Blasting will take place every day at 2:15 p.m.