Building Update for Piedmont Atlanta Tower: Week of June 23-30

Drilling for Central Energy Plant: Crews will begin drilling caissons in the area that will house Piedmont Atlanta Tower’s central energy plant. Minimal impact is expected on the hospital, but there will be additional drilling equipment inside the construction site.

Rock Blasting: Rock blasting continues this week in the fenced-off construction area. Blasting will take place every day at 2:15 p.m.

Tower “Footings”: This week, we began installing the first “footings” for the Piedmont Atlanta Hospital Tower, which is the first of many foundational structures of the building we will see in the coming months.

Major Site Excavation: Site excavation and dirt dumping continue this week near hospital north. Trucks will exit onto Peachtree Road throughout the day and may cause brief intermittent traffic. Trucks are thoroughly cleaned before exiting the construction site to ensure they do not compromise safety of patients, visitors or general traffic.

Trucks Exiting onto Collier: Throughout this summer, we will periodically route construction vehicles through Collier Road to accommodate GDOT construction projects on Peachtree Road. Construction vehicles will use Collier Road, an approved haul route, and will not use any of the neighborhood roads.