Building Update for Piedmont Atlanta Tower: Week of May 12-19

1 Center Demolition: As of May 15, 1 Center (near the east side of campus) will close for demolition. This will make way for a new exterior wall to the building. Please be advised that noise levels may be high during demolition.

Noise Levels Near East Tower: Crews are installing shoring (support) walls near the north end of the construction site, close to the McDonnell Surgical Center and the East Tower. During this time, expect an increase in noise level.

New Greenery Along Collier Road: New trees, shrubs and grass have been planted along Collier Road as part of our commitment to maintain greenspace around the hospital. See the below picture of the nearly completed space.

Rock Blasting: Rock blasting will continue near hospital north in the fenced-off construction area every day at 2:15 p.m.

Concrete Trucks, Pumps on Collier Road: Crews are installing storm vault and Central Energy Plant (CEP) footings near the MSC. This will lead to dump trucks entering and exiting the hospital at various points throughout the day. Expect some increase in traffic during this time.