Building Update for Piedmont Atlanta Tower: Week of May 5-12

Rock Blasting: Rock blasting will resume this week towards hospital north in the fenced-off construction area. Blasting will take place every day at 2:15 p.m.

1 Center Demolition: As of May 15, 1 Center (near the east side of campus) will close for demolition. This will make way for a new exterior wall to the building. Please be advised that noise levels may be high during demolition.

Noise Levels Near East Tower: Crews will install shoring (support) walls near the north end of the construction site, close to the McDonnell Surgical Center and the East Tower. During this time, expect an increase in noise level.

Concrete Trucks, Pumps on Collier Road: Next week, crews will begin installing storm vault near the McDonnell Surgical Center off Collier Road. Traffic may increase along Collier Road due to dump trucks entering and exiting the site. Traffic has to be concentrated in this area due to reroutes caused by the I-85 bridge collapse.