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CAMA: Designing the Experience


One of the goals of the Piedmont Atlanta Tower project was to redefine the patient and family experience through the design of the new Marcus Heart and Vascular Center. With over 30 years of experience in wellness consulting and interior design, CAMA, Inc. – a nationally recognized Interior Design Lab & Studio based in New Haven, Connecticut – was selected to champion this effort through all phases of the project, from early planning through construction.

CAMA worked with HKS Architects to facilitate a series of visioning workshops, in which Piedmont stakeholders were asked to help determine the qualities of an environment that adds value to the patient and family experience, aids the healing process and elevates the health and wellness of the surrounding community. Piedmont staff, patient advisors and local neighborhood residents were included in the workshops.

So, too, were patients and family members, who offered both critical insight and a fresh perspective to the design team – such as expressing the importance of establishing connections with nature, people and resources.

CAMA captured the creative design ideas generated from the workshops in an actionable report, which detailed the driving forces behind the patient experience movement, highlighted industry best practices, and analyzed existing conditions at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. CAMA also developed several tools from the workshops to aid the design team as they shaped the new facility.

One important tool was a Patient Field Guide, which will be used to introduce the Marcus Heart and Vascular Center to patients and family, highlight its many desirable design features, and show how the building is situated within Piedmont Atlanta Hospital’s health campus and the surrounding community.

By making people the priority in the Piedmont Atlanta Tower project, CAMA is ensuring that all can thrive and flourish in this important new facility.